Gritos... a ritmo fuerte

Gritos... a ritmo fuerte

Maria, the last member of a good provincial family of long tradition, wants to live the atmosphere of these musical groups that proliferate all over the world. He meets Ricardo, a former partner in the advertising world, who has self-marginalized because he got to the point where he felt disgusted by this false world. Maria tries to leave him, but has just integrated into this chaotic environment.

Steam Powered Giraffe: The Quest for the Eternal Harp of Golden Dreams

Steam Powered Giraffe: The Quest for the Eternal Harp of Golden Dreams

Filmed back in 2011, watch robots Rabbit, The Spine, and The Jon from the band Steam Powered Giraffe come to life in this madcap, phantasmagorical musical escapade. This video showcases recorded performances of the band Steam Powered Giraffe fan-favorite songs, a fantastical fantasy side story about a sorcerer and his band of heroes, and also a behind-the-scenes peek into the humorous inner workings of Colonel Peter Walter's Steam Man Band. Steam Powered Giraffe songs performed in this film (in order): Ju Ju Magic Steam Man Band/Clockwork Vaudeville On Top of the Universe Electricity is in My Soul Sound of Tomorrow Honeybee Automatonic Electronic Harmonics Out in the Rain Captain Albert Alexander Me and My Baby Steam Man Band (Reprise) Brass Goggles

Assembly at Dyke High

Assembly at Dyke High 1986

A video of a live performance by the fabulous Dyketones. Great fun, humor, music, and costumes. Lesbian versions of some of the classic pop hits of the past. Poodle skirts and horn-rimmed glasses. Wishful fantasies about favorite female vocalists. Outrageous entertainment.

Cheap Trick: Rock Goes to College

Cheap Trick: Rock Goes to College 1979

Rock Goes To College (RGTC) was a BBC series that ran between 1978 and 1981 on British television. A variety of up-coming rock oriented bands were showcased live from small venues and broadcast simultaneously on television and radio. Cheap Trick performs at Brighton Polytechnic in 1979. 01 Hello There 02 Introduction 03 Come On, Come On 04 Stiff Competition 05 Ain't That a Shame 06 Need Your Love 07 I Want You to Want Me 08 California Man 09 Surrender

The Kinks In Concert

The Kinks In Concert 1973

The Kinks perform songs from their Village Green Preservation Society and others. 00:00 -“Victoria” 02:54 -“Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues” 06:21 -“Dedicated Follower of Fashion” 08:16 -“Lola” 13:03 -“Holiday” 15:55 -“Good Golly Miss Molly”? 18:44 -“You Really Got Me” 20:43 -“All Day And All Of the Night” 22:05 -“Waterloo Sunset” 25:43 -“The Village Green Preservation Society”

Midnight Oil – Live RMIT

Midnight Oil – Live RMIT 1987

Midnight Oil, recorded live at RMIT University, in Melbourne Australia, on March 7, 1987. Blossom And Blood, Bullroarer, Who Can Stand In The Way, Dreamworld, Best Of Both Worlds, The Dead Heart, Short Memory, Kosciusko, Hercules, Pictures, Read About It, What’s So Funny About Peace, Love And Understanding?, Power And The Passion, Only The Strong.

Superchunk: Take The Tube

Superchunk: Take The Tube 1993

This show at the University of London Union was the drunken culmination of six weeks of touring Europe from April to May, 1992. Even our faithful crew abandoned us into the stagediving frenzy of the throbbing throng of punters that packed ULU that night. The performance is followed by an embarrassing pre-show interview in which we try not to bare our souls. English beer, plenty of sweat and all the hits - what more could you ask for?



TRANSCENDENT is a short film inspired by the visionary writings of horror author H.P. Lovecraft. Following one woman's journey to find her true place in the world; TRANSCENDENT is a different kind of 'Homecoming' story loosely adapted from Lovecraft's 'The Shadow Over Innsmouth'. It lives somewhere between art film, surrealist experiment, and horror film.

The Knack: Live At Carnegie Hall

The Knack: Live At Carnegie Hall 1979

With one of the fastest selling debut albums of all time, The Knack burst onto the scene in 1979 with their own brand of straightforward power pop and a lead-off single ("My Sharona") that would top the charts and become Billboard's Top Pop Single of 1979. A true overnight sensation that would be doomed by overhype and the inevitable critical backlash that followed, The Knack were nonetheless an exciting live band with both musical chops and a sense of humor.

From Broadway: Fosse

From Broadway: Fosse

A filmed Broadway production of a 1999 tribute that strings together acclaimed choreographer Bob Fosse's "greatest hits."